What's in a name?

It all started with Terry, his van, and a bunch of stuffed animals. Terry Commerford, our founder, is an entrepreneur at heart. He started selling stuffed animals (including teddy bears) on street corners and at gas stations.
Now you know where our name Terrybear comes from. We have kept the name to always remember where we started.

Stuffed animals lead to T-shirts

When the Minnesota Twins were in the 1987 World Series final, Terry bet heavily on the Twins – T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and Homer Hankies. Luckily, his team did not let him down! He made enough money to launch his street business into a corporation.
Terry’s entrepreneurial spirit spilled over to its employees. The business grew from stuffed animals into home décor, giftware, framed artwork, and brass handicrafts. Over time, we discovered that one of our brass ginger jars was being used as a pet urn and seized the opportunity to design both pet memorials and urns for the funeral industry.


Fast forward, and we are no longer just an urn company. We are one stop shop for funeral and pet loss professionals. While they take care of the families, we have their back and are here to help them take care of their business. We provide exceptional products, services, & forward-thinking digital shopping tools to the industry.
As our team continues to grow, one thing we always remember is to have quality people, quality products, and quality services. This is the foundation of all we do. We are compassionate, committed, inspired in helping our customers, who in turn are serving families who lost their loved ones and beloved pets.

Terrybear: Leading with Greatness

Our Strategy

Product Leader
We design with compassion, functionality, and aesthetic relevance.

Our Brand Promise


Delivering exceptional products, personalization, technology, and service;

Creating forward‐thinking and meaningful memorials;

Caring for the lives and legacy of customers, families and each other.

Our Core Values

We reach our goals.
We do what’s right.
We challenge ourselves.
We work together with diverse perspectives.
We make a difference.

Let us take care of the details, so you can spend more time serving your families.
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