Terrybear’s Impressive Eco-Friendly Initiative Is Inspired by Core Values

Picture, if you will, a shipping container. Typically, these containers are large enough to hold a couple of Volkswagens, 2,000+ bankers’ boxes, or the footprint of a small studio apartment. Now, imagine 3.6 of those containers — not filled with VW Jettas, but full of non-biodegradable, environmentally unfriendly packing materials. That’s the amount of waste Terrybear® […]

Molly the Million Dollar Golden Retriever 

Golden Retriever sitting in a field

In 2013, at the ICCFA convention in Tampa, Florida, legal expert Poul Lemasters, Esq., hosted an engaging and informative mock trial on a botched pet cremation. Utilizing a lifelike narrative, realistic jurors, and industry actors, Lemasters brought the characters to life and unearthed information that remains pertinent to the pet loss industry today.  To outline […]

Thinking About Expanding Into Pet Cremation? Then It’s Time to Talk to Terrybear

Like any other family seeking your assistance with funeral celebrations and disposition, pet cremation families expect compassionate services and a simple package of quality products. That’s why, if you’re considering expanding into pet cremation — or even if it’s already on your list of offerings — it’s time to talk to Terrybear about their Standard Urn […]

K-9 Officers: An Important History

Why we offer our K-9 Officer Special Law enforcement agencies have used canines for assistance in various tasks for many years, making their jobs easier and safer. While used for over a hundred years, some procedures and techniques continue to change and evolve, including adding more breeds of man’s best friend to the list of […]