Protecting your loved ones for Infinity

Using the Infinity Urn Vault couldn’t be easier. All that is needed is an auger to drill a hole 14 inches or larger and one set of hands. That’s it. No extra digging or squaring off a round hole to fit a square urn vault. Engineered to be stronger than concrete at only a fraction of the weight, the Infinity Urn Vault maintains the integrity of the ground around it while also allowing anyone to carry it easily. With Infinity Urn Vault’s patented waterproof sealing lid, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing each family’s loved one is completely protected.

Cemetery Grounds Crews Prefer Infinity

In this one-minute video, hear why Paul Gale, Grounds Superintendent for Roselawn Cemetery in Roseville, MN, thinks cemeteries should only use Infinity for their urn vault needs.

Heavy duty commercial truck balancing on two Infinity Urn Vaults
Man lowing Infinity Urn Vault into augered hole in cemetery
Infinity Urn Vault sitting on grass in a cemetery

Stronger than concrete, a fraction of the weight

  • 1000 psi stronger than concrete
  • Faster and easier site preparation
  • Lightweight and easy to lower
  • Simply auger an 14 inch or larger hole
  • Take control of the entire process – product is in stock and ready to go
  • Made in the USA and designed by a Minnesota funeral director

The Infinity Advantage

The only plastic cylindrical urn vault in the world

Infinity Urn Vault

Concrete Vault

Rectangular Plastic Vault

Ease of Use
Worker Satisfaction

Two Options to Purchase

Made of glass-infused recycled plastic with a patented waterproof sealing lid.

Infinity Urn Vault product on a white background

Single Urn


Case of 70




Glass-infused recycled plastic


17.75 x 11.5 x 11.5


8.2 lbs


Holds one full size urn with a maximum diameter of 9 inches and maximum height of 16 inches

Case Quantity

70 items per case

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