Terrybear Releases Record Number of New Products in 2023

Life Canvas Painter Pewter, Full Size Urn 100301

One of the many reasons to look forward to the deathcare profession’s annual conventions and expos is the opportunity to get a first look at new products. Traditionally, we can expect that 15, or maybe 20, new options will be added to a company’s lineup every year. But 157? One-hundred-and-fifty-seven brand new products in one year seems unprecedented — and super exciting! And that’s exactly what Terrybear® Urns & Memorials, one of deathcare’s most trusted, beloved, and creative suppliers, achieved in 2023.

“This is our biggest year ever for new products,” says Brent Thorson, Terrybear’s Client Success and Growth Manager. “This spring we introduced 105 brand new SKUs, including some really exciting additions to existing product lines. And then we’ve just launched 52 additional items this fall.”

Expanding into new territory

New SKUs, or individual units, launched by Terrybear in 2023 include a collection of glass-blown keepsakes, additions to the “Made in Minnesota” line, and the company’s first cemetery-focused product, the Infinity Urn Vault. 

For its first-time foray into cemetery products, Terrybear set the bar high with the Infinity Urn Vault. With its revolutionary cylindrical shape, it literally changes the game of installation.

“Infinity takes the best of concrete and plastic vaults and combines it into one product,” Stephen Noyes, Brand Director at Terrybear told Connecting Directors in May 2023. “The Infinity Urn Vault is lighter, stronger, and easier to install than any other vault on the market. One person with a mechanical auger can install it easily.”

The new line of gorgeous glass-blown keepsakes also represent Terrybear’s first products in this medium. Like the Infinity Urn Vault, these pieces are unique in the industry and offer logical solutions to issues with other glass cremains containers.

Paramount Sphere Azure

Above: Paramount Sphere Azure, C250K

“One of the complaints we’ve heard from funeral directors and families is that they have to mail the cremated remains of loved ones to a glass company to have the artwork created,” says Thorson. “Our product is blown glass with a keepsake compartment, so it eliminates the problem. You add a portion of the cremated remains into the keepsake compartment through the bottom of the piece.”

Lyrical Songbird Onyx

Above: Lyrical Songbird Onyx, C257K

Companions forever

Terrybear answered yet another request by families and funeral directors with its new line of modern, contemporary Life Canvas collection of urns.

“Our Life Canvas urn is really unique in the world of urns,” Thorson explains. “It’s basically a standardized urn, but it’s completely customizable. We received a very positive response at NFDA [2023 National Funeral Directors Association International Convention and Expo]. People were just astounded at the capabilities we have for that personalization.”

A particularly popular option in the Life Canvas line are the companion urns. These urns can be set side-by-side with a design that flows seamlessly from one urn to the other, placing partners together in death just as they were in life. 

Life Canvas Mandala Bronze, Companion

Above: Life Canvas Mandala Bronze, Companion

“The idea of companion urns has been around for a while with matching urns or similar styles, but carrying the artwork from one urn to another is really neat,” says Thorson. “To have that in a glass niche or in a place where the family will see that over and over again is a great way to showcase companionship.”

Terrybear’s creative process

These innovations support what most deathcare professionals have believed for more than 35 years: Terrybear is a uniquely creative company. Talented experts in development, design, marketing, and engraving collaborate constantly to produce original, functional, meaningful, and beautiful high-quality products that Terrybear’s robust network of dedicated distributors are proud to share with deathcare professionals. They also listen and respond to the feedback those distributors receive from their clients.

“We heard that people wanted modern and contemporary designs,” Thorson says. “There’s really been a call for designs that complement home decor — an urn that doesn’t necessarily look or feel like an urn. A lot of our new products this year can be put on a shelf as a design piece — beautiful artwork you’re proud to have in your room.”

Icon Matte Black/Bamboo

Above: Icon Matte Black/Bamboo, CMB820L

Terrybear similarly responded to requests for products featuring angel wings and an urn with a matching candle holder

“The Arabella, which is new this fall, features a multi-use design,” Thorson explains. “The bronze or slate urn can be removed from the base and the base can be used as a candle holder or display piece. It’s a particularly architectural, sculptural, and artistic design.”

Arabella Wings Textured Slate/Pewter, Full Size Urn

Above: Arabella Wings Textured Slate/Pewter, Full Size Urn, 4631L

The angel wing request was also answered with the Wings of Eternity cremation pendant, which pairs well with the Arabella. 

Onyx/Pewter Wings of Eternity

Above: Onyx/Pewter Wings of Eternity, J5311

Creating lifetime memories

A consistent theme running through all of Terrybear’s creations is the opportunity to provide funeral homes and families the most personalized products available. They accomplish this not only by quickly responding to feedback for new and unique designs, but also through the incredible customization options offered through the company’s Memory of a Lifetime® customer portal

“Everyone wants something that feels personal to them, so we offer designs that feel like a personal product for a family, then offer personalization options through Memory of a Lifetime on top of that,” says Thorson. “With every product we design, we find some way to make it meaningful and personal to the family, whether that’s through the design or the personalization or both.”

Each of Terrybear’s 157 brand new products are now available for order and personalization through the Memory of a Lifetime digital portal. You can try out the portal at absolutely no cost, and trust that Terrybear will deliver the quality, service, and support you’ve come to expect. To get started, simply visit Terrybear.com/join to register. If you need additional assistance do not hesitate to call Terrybear directly at 1.888.588.8767, they will ensure you get set up to begin using this free tool.

Written by: Patricia Hartley

Originally published by Connecting Directors