Terrybear’s Impressive Eco-Friendly Initiative Is Inspired by Core Values

Picture, if you will, a shipping container. Typically, these containers are large enough to hold a couple of Volkswagens, 2,000+ bankers’ boxes, or the footprint of a small studio apartment. Now, imagine 3.6 of those containers — not filled with VW Jettas, but full of non-biodegradable, environmentally unfriendly packing materials. That’s the amount of waste Terrybear® […]

Terrybear Releases Record Number of New Products in 2023

Life Canvas Painter Pewter, Full Size Urn 100301

One of the many reasons to look forward to the deathcare profession’s annual conventions and expos is the opportunity to get a first look at new products. Traditionally, we can expect that 15, or maybe 20, new options will be added to a company’s lineup every year. But 157? One-hundred-and-fifty-seven brand new products in one […]