Terrybear’s Infinity Urn Vault Is Your Key to Goodwill, New Services, and Additional Revenue

Since Terrybear Urns & Memorials added the revolutionary Infinity Urn Vault to their lineup last spring, they’ve received some phenomenal feedback from folks across the deathcare profession. And why not? This game-changing product offers benefits and opportunities for cemeteries, funeral homes, and families alike. 

Strong and simple

The Infinity Urn Vault is stronger, lighter, and easier to manage than its concrete predecessor, making it an instant hit with cemetery grounds crews. Its cylindrical shape and 8.2-pound glass-infused plastic composition eliminates the backbreaking work and heavy equipment required in traditional installations. 

“They very quickly understand the simplicity and convenience of it,” explains Stephen Noyes, Brand Director at Terrybear. “They appreciate any product that can make their job easier.”

Stronger, Lighter, Easier: Why Roselawn Cemetery Trusts Infinity Urn Vault

That appreciation can easily extend to the funeral homes that share the Infinity Urn Vault with the families they serve. 

“When you’re making your cemetery guys happy and strengthening that relationship, it makes everybody’s job better, and that’s ultimately better for your families,” Noyes adds. 

Unexpected benefits

That goodwill can start at the funeral home with a fresh approach to conversations with cremation families and a new way to think about urns.

“Cremation has changed the whole structure of how funeral homes operate,” Noyes says. “Offering an urn vault when you sell an urn adds a service to your cremation presentation to families.”

As cremation rates have increased, so has the number of cremated remains that have not found their way to a permanent resting place. In fact, it’s estimated that only between 20 and 40 percent of cremated remains are interred in a cemetery. Terrybear’s Infinity Urn Vault offers directors an excellent way to impact that statistic.

“So often families leave the funeral home with an urn, and that’s it,” Noyes explains. “We’re not always helping families with the next decision of what to do with that urn. Showing them an urn vault helps you connect families with a permanent memorialization place.”

He adds that offering an urn vault with an urn should become an integral part of a director’s presentation. Just like selling a burial vault with a casket, every urn sale should be accompanied by an urn vault.

Starting the conversation

While most of today’s selection rooms don’t include displays of traditional concrete or plastic urn vaults, the compact size and unique shape of the Infinity Urn Vault is a logical, eye-catching addition.

“It’s an easy product to have in the selection room,” Noyes adds. “It’s easy to showcase and easy to store. Funeral directors have told us how much they like how the vaults nest into each other and take up a very small amount of space.”

Having an urn vault on display near the urn selection provides a natural opening for a conversation about permanent memorialization and the purpose and benefits of an urn vault. 

“That’s a great segue to talk to a family about their options of what to do with the urn once the cremated remains are returned,” Noyes says. “The urn is front and center at the funeral. If they’re considering a cemetery, you can explain the importance of an urn vault in protecting the urn and its contents for the rest of forever.”

As Noyes explains, this conversation also allows directors to help their families find a place where everyone can go to grieve or visit their loved one.

Full circle

It’s no secret that creating strong relationships among funeral homes, cemeteries, and the families they both serve is a win-win-win situation for all involved, and it’s not often that a singular product can make that happen. Terrybear’s Infinity Urn Vault is that product, and Noyes and the Terrybear team are excited about the opportunities the urn vault continues to present.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to personally handle the Infinity Urn Vault, contact your Terrybear distributor, or reach out to Terrybear Urns and Memorials. The minimum order is one vault, providing you the chance to show it to your team, test its strength and ease of installation, and, perhaps most importantly, share it with the families you serve.

Written by: Patricia Hartley

Originally Published by Connecting Directors